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INFORMATIONAL SITE: Inpatient Staff RN Virtual Hiring Experience

Thank you for your interest in Kaiser Permanente and for participating in our Inpatient Staff RN Virtual Hiring Experience!

This virtual event was designed with you in mind to lend convenience, flexibility, and a fresh new way to navigate your job-seeking experience. Our process from post to hire creates a unique "virtual" opportunity to navigate the process at the convenience of your own schedule.

Based on your recent submission, our hiring team is impressed and would like to extend an offer of employment to you. This site acts as a guide to inform, instruct, and will help answer some Frequently Asked Questions. 

 Things to take note of: 

1. Kaiser Permanente uses Text Recruit, Email, and exclusive Links for on-demand information and/or responses. 

2. Modes of communication will vary to ensure timely communication, updates, and/or noted timeframes are met.

3. It is imperative to watch for texts, SPAM for missing emails, and or correspondence with noted links, so appropriate action can be taken to ensure a smooth hire experience.  

Critical Timelines: We have a dedicated team to ensure our New Hires are prioritized and managed accordingly. We need your support!

1. E-Signature is required within 24 hours of receipt of the offer notification.

2. Drug Screen is required to complete within 48 hours of accepting an offer. 

IMPORTANT: The Drug Screen email comes from First Advantage, NOT Kaiser Permanente, therefore check SPAM if you do not receive it within 24 hours of receiving the offer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Per Diem Requirements by Market:


California Nurse Association- 4 shifts per mo.  2 must be weekends.  Avail. For 2 *Holidays

UNAC- (10)-10 hr. shifts per quarter,  4 must be weekend shifts.  (12)-8 hr. shifts per quarter,  4 must be weekend shifts.

Moreno Valley - On Call/Per Diem staff will be required to make a commitment to work a minimum number of shifts as follows:

For a 6-week schedule: Three (3) shifts in a six (6) week schedule, two (2) of which shall be weekend shifts.

For a 4-week schedule: Two (2) shifts in a Four (4) week schedule, one (1) of which shall be a weekend shift.

One of the designated holidays


Must work 4 shifts per month with two of them being weekends.



2- shifts per pay period and two (2) weekend shifts per month, if applicable.

1-major holiday defined as Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, and available the day before or after their chosen holiday.

If EE offers more than 2 shifts of availability in a 24-hour period, those shifts will count as 1-shift for the purposes of this agreement.

How much is the shift, weekend or per-diem differential?

Shift differentials will be applied as defined by the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.

Northern California

Evening: $7.9319 | Night $12.6190 | Weekend/PD differential build into the hourly rate 


Evening: $3.00 | Night: $5.90 | Per-Diem: $1.10 | Critical Care Float Pool: $3.00

Southern California

All Other Medical Centers

Evening: $2.75 | Night: $4.50 | Per-Diem-20% above base rate

Los Angeles Medical Center

Evening $2.32 | Night: $3.25 | Per-Diem-20% above base rate

Moreno Valley

Evening & Night: $4.00 | Per-Diem-20% above base rate


What is my schedule?

The schedule is noted on the position you applied and have been selected for.  To view, go to your profile, under Submissions, Selected for Position.  Additional schedule details will be provided by the hiring manager.

What Benefits am I eligible for?

A Total Rewards document will be emailed to you providing additional details regarding eligible benefits based on your hire status

How long before I can transfer positions or shifts?

There are many internal opportunities within the organization, transfer eligibility will vary depending on the union contract for your position.

How is the start date determined?

On average there is a 4-week Pre-Boarding process to fulfill.  To include a Drug Screen, Background Check, and Employee Health clearance.  To ensure timely processing, complete each step within the specified timeframe.  A proposed Start Date will reflect on the offer letter.

Is the offer negotiable?

Offers are non-negotiable.  Offer rate is based on related years of experience and Advance Hiring Criteria (AHC) is applied per applicable union contract.

PLEASE NOTE: This informational page, is reserved for candidates who have applied and been selected for hire through the Virtual Hiring Campaign. To participate in the Expedited Hiring Campaign, please visit and apply through the career sites listed below:  


Northern California Staff RN Positions

Southern California Staff RN Positions

Northwest Staff RN Positions

Hawaii Staff RN Positions

Nurse Managment Positions

Date and Time:

1/31/2023, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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